Auto Redial Privacy Policy 
Revised Feb 7, 2017


Solarsystems is firmly committed to the security and protection of the personal integrity of our Users of the Services and their contacts.

This Privacy Policy describes what personal information you may share with Auto Redial App, as data controller, how Auto Redial app receives, collects and uses this.

Information Collected and Received

Installation and Use

We do not collect any information when the Auto Redial app is installed in your device..

Phone State Information

The app constantly monitors the phone state to decide if the last call made is successful. If the call fails, the app automatically redials the last dialed number for you. Hence, we use the phone state information such as Dialed, Incoming Call and Missed Call.

Contact Information

When the app displays the Redial Dialog, we translate the contact number in the call Log to the Contact Name so that it is easy for the user to recognize the caller. We do not store this information in the app. We do not share this information with any third party. In this process, we do not disclose any of this confidential information to any third party.

Please note that no other Contact Information than the phone numbers and thereto attached names and email addresses will be received, stored and used from the User's address book. Other numbers or information that may be contained in your device's phone book will be filtered away and will therefore not be stored or used by Auto Redial. We do not read Addresses, passwords and credit card numbers and any other similar information stored in the phone book.

Use, Sharing and Disclosure of User and Contact Information

Information related to the User or Contact Information will be used to:

(a) display the name associated with a certain number in the Redial Dialog,


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Auto Redial may at any time with or without a separate notice change this Privacy Policy, and You are encouraged to review this Policy from time to time. In case of substantial changes, Auto Redial notifies the Users by push notice or via notice on the Auto Redial website.


If you have any additional questions about Auto Redial's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy or want to make a request regarding certain information, You are encouraged to contact us. The contact information is: